My Letter Attached to Health Care Survey

Take this very well done health care survey and write your own letter, or feel free to use mine in part or in whole.  Edit as you see fit.

There are two or three legislators who are exempt from these statements and questions but just two or three!

If you are a Republican:
JB WIlliams of Canada Free Press say it best and I quote ~
* Shut down congress by walking out and refusing to return. Can Democrats even call something to a floor vote without a single republican in the chamber? Would they even dare try it?
* Return home and spend time listening to angry patriots in as many town hall meetings as you can schedule. You will earn your pay at a town hall, whereas attending another congressional vote is worse than a waste of time. It’s counter-productive. Go home and listen, don’t talk!
* Grow the backbone to walk away from all of your past mistakes, and line up behind the ONLY people who can put you back in power, the American patriots who stand for a constitutional government and against the current steamroller to socialism.

You have only one other option… to keep doing what you’re doing, which amounts to being a big part of the problem, instead of a part of the solution.

GO HOME! – And set up as many town hall meetings in your home districts as you can fit into your schedule. Earn your paycheck by meeting with the people, so that you can once again begin to represent the will of the people. Don’t talk – LISTEN!

Tell Democrats that if they are determined to lead this country into the toilet, they will have to do it all alone without a single republican in the chamber when they do it, one lousy piece of anti-American legislation after another.

Republicans have a very clear choice to make and you had better make it fast! The nation doesn’t need two parties full of leftist losers. Republicans willing to stay in session should be seen not as “RINOs,” but as Democrats… and they will be.

You can take a stand with the 70% of Americans who DO NOT want any form of Cap & Trade, Global Socialized Medicine, a One World Government, the Copenhagen Climate Scam, Amnesty for Illegal’s, or trillion dollar payoffs to leftist organizations and labor unions which only enrich the leftist juggernaut now running roughshod over the nation. Only 25% “strongly approve” of Obamunism as of today… It’s time for you to strike!
Severe situations demand severe action!

We are out of time for any other option. The Tea Party – 912 and Town Hall people will not – I repeat – WILL NOT line up behind Republicans too spineless to put a stop to the hourly destruction of this nation.” End quote (excerpt)

IF you are a Democratic:
And this is me talking ~
You should be on trial for TREASON for trying to take down the American economy. This and all of the other legislation being proposed i.e. Cap and Trade is what is keeping the small business from hiring, and you know it. Real people are suffering while you live high on the hog. I am a small business owner in the oilfield service industry and we have not had a job all year. You should be drilling to get us off of dependence on foreign oil. We should be looking more to natural gas while the other clean energy options are being developed. You are guilty of TREASON for not looking out for the American people. If you allow this Usurping President to sign this Climate Change Treaty, you are guilty of Treason. We, America, have brought these third world countries into the industrial world and they should be thanking us. What is wrong with you?

To all of you, be you Democrat, Republican or Independent

Why can no one touch on the Obama/Muslim connection?  All of this is normal in the world he was brought up in and holds dear to his heart.  He knows no loyalty to country, family or friends.  He stated he would let his own grandmother die rather than give her life saving treatment.

He stated before the election he would always side for Islam whenever a decision had to be made. Why would you let this man be elected without vetting him?

He takes off his shoes and prays in a Mosque in Turkey last week, but does not show his face on our National Day of Prayer. Have you seen his OBSCENE Holiday Card?

It was Obama who gave his cousin in Kenya ONE MILLION US dollars and suggested he used it to pay for violence to win the elections.  They did…burning up Christian churches with the people inside! Why would you let this man get elected without vetting him?

Obama refuses to allow his own children to take the H1N1 vaccination, yet calls a state of emergency, for what? and why has it not been called down? We are not in an emergency but he has made one, WHY?

Obama is evil to the core just as are those around him controlling his every move and action. Who is on the other end of his blackberry, Soros?

All of you Congress Critter and Senate Snakes, I repeat, ALL OF YOU, Republican, Democratic and Independent, are debating this unconstitutional legislation under the guise of a constitutionally elected president when he is not a natural born citizen and maybe not even American by birth and for sure by culture. IT TAKES TWO AMERICAN CITIZEN PARENTS TO BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN AND HIS FATHER WAS NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. HE STATED IN HIS OWN BOOK THAT HE WAS BORN UNDER CONTROL OF THE BRITISH CROWN BECAUSE HIS FATHER WAS KENYAN. You have allowed a President to be elected who hates Christianity and America. You know he was not vetted by anyone in any state. Just the fact that he supported his cousin, Odinga in Africa should have been enough to knock  him out of the election and that little piece of dirt was well known by you all. I do not know what any of you are really up to, but it is not looking out for the American people.


Good God! Trials for a terrorists on American soil in an American criminal court? Just this should have Holder and Obama on trial themselves for Treason. Neill Arnhart asked all of the right questions that you should be asking (also in Canada Free Press who’s motto is “Because without America, there is not free world”)
“Maybe the trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed in New York won’t paint a big bulls-eye on the city that Al Quada hates the most.
But, what if it does?
Maybe in won’t occur to any Jihadists that KSM would love to be a martyr (whether KSM feels that way or not), and so they use truck bombs or some other type of destructive device to make a statement.
But, what if it does?
Maybe KSM’s lawyers won’t make KSM into a victim who was traumatized by the mean old USA, thereby whipping up support for Jihadist causes all over the world.
But, what it they do?
Maybe this trial won’t expose even more US secrets to Al Quada and other terror networks, thereby giving them better ways to prepare to fight us.
But, what if it does?
Maybe this trial won’t become a media circus worse that OJ, making a mockery of our judicial system.
But what if it does?
Maybe this trial won’t become a rallying cry for terror networks the world over.
But with if it does?
Maybe this trial won’t further emasculate the CIA.
But what if it does?
Maybe this trial won’t become a platform for KSM and others to spew out anti American sentiments in open court.
But what if it does?
If security is too tight for jihadists to blow up the court building, maybe they won’t take it out on other cities, or embassies, or other US interests overseas.
But what if they do?
And horror of horrors, what if KSM is somehow acquitted on a technicality, and is allowed to go free.
What then?
If even one of these things happen, will it have been worth it to make a political statement by putting KSM  on trial in New York City.
Is it that important to show the world that an enemy combatant captured overseas by the military is granted the same right as a US citizen who was apprehended by the police?
Being a non uniformed combatant, he is not even entitled to the protection of the Geneva Convention.
Modern laws of war regarding conduct during war, such as the 1949 Geneva Conventions, provide that it is unlawful for belligerents to engage in combat without meeting certain requirements, among them the wearing of a distinctive uniform or other distinctive signs visible at a distance.
Modern laws of war also say that the deliberate harming of non-combatant (as opposed to the unintentional harming of non-combatant due to the fact of belligerents hiding behind human shields) is a war crime.
The Geneva Convention specifically spells out that parties who do not adhere to the convention will not be protected by it.
Remember Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg?
I know that someone out there is thinking, that since we water boarded KSM, that our guys cannot expect Geneva Convention protection if captured.  But with this foe, our guys never had that Geneva Convention protection in the first place.
Pouring a little water up someone’s nose, in a controlled environment, with medical personnel on hand to make sure that nothing goes wrong, is not the same thing as what they do to our guys.  They saw heads off with rusty blades, while the victim is alive and aware.  They flay the skin off of soldiers, and civilians.  They burn soldiers and civilians eyes out with cigarettes.  They draw and quarter our guys, and drag their body parts through town square.
There are fraternity hazing rituals that are more dangerous and more uncomfortable than what we did to three of their guys.
I say, anyone who uses the word “torture” in connection with water boarding (the way we do it, not the way they do it), without clarifying the difference between what we do and REAL torture, is someone who just wants the US to fail in our quest to rid the world of terrorism.
The health care reforms taken that the President is trying to undertake may or may not be his Waterloo, but, if even ONE of the things I started this essay out with happens, this trial will the end of his political career, and maybe even the end of his party as he knows it.
President Obama, you are giving the terrorist exactly what they want.  A  global stage in the heart of New York from which to articulate their perceived grievances.
Why in the world would you want to do them a favor like that?” End quote.

I and many millions like me are now living in constant fear and dread of what our government is going to do next. To allow an American to feel that way should be a crime in and of itself. This is not just differences in a two-party system. This is some kind of coup and you are letting it happen.

In the days and months to come, I and many like me will hold you accountable for the deeds you do or do not stop from happening by whatever means possible. We will get our country back out the control of a tyrannic government (YOU). It is time to stand up and do the job you were elected to do and took and oath to uphold. GO READ THE CONSTITUTION you swore to defend and uphold. THAT MIGHT HELP! Then read the bills that you are cramming down our throats. Demand they be read on the floor and not by a speed reading clown. You all think we are stupid and you are in for a very rude awakening. See ya at the  polls!

God is watching you too



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