I Don’t Just Smell A Rat… Reeks Of A Whole Nest! Follow The Droppings

I am not a writer nor do I know much about economic outside of running my own small business and household. I am just someone’s grandmother and an average citizen, trying to understand what is going on with our economy and financial system. What a stinking mess! This video replays in my head when anything happens to our financial system or to those running the banks. As I remember it, McCain/Palin were surging ahead in the polls right at this time. Hummm…

Pamela Geller wrote this about it. “RIGHT BEFORE THE ELECTION OF PRESIDENT HUSSEIN:”A $550 Billion Electronic Run on the Banks”

“This is un-frickin-believable. The financial crisis was deliberate, planned, staged. Who made the run?”(emphasis mine)

She ends with “So much for history. George Soros is in on the deal to buy IndyMac from the FDIC. Soros has a long history of making loads of money by first creating a financial crisis and then stepping in to grab up the bargains. (emphasis mine) Perhaps the most famous example of this tactic is “Black Wednesday,” when Soros nearly sunk the entire economy of Great Britain through currency speculation.”

“George Soros has helped bankroll the campaigns of the Democrats in Congress who created this mess. Now, it appears, he is cashing in on his investment.”

Please read the entire article linked above before you continue.

Fast forward: BHO won the election and then we got TARP, forced participation in bailouts, and a stimulus bill full of pork.

The stock market rallied and the price of gold skyrocketed, unemployment goes over 10%, even though we were “stimulated” by the government, and they raised the dept ceiling and want to do it again big time, along with a proposed stealth stimulus package disguised as a “jobs bill” Oh Boy! Let’s spend some more money!

Bernanke gets confirmed with a 70 to 30 vote, the weakest endorsement ever extended to a Chairman of the Federal Reserve

“He basically allowed the Fed to become the lender of the nation,” (emphasis mine) said Senator Judd Gregg, Republican of New Hampshire. “Nobody had ever done that. The way he did it was extraordinary in its creativity, and the results were that the country’s financial system did not collapse.”

Neil Irwin writes in The Washington Post: “The central bank has been under intense fire for its decision to bail out the insurer American International Group and for refusing to disclose which banks and other firms have tapped various emergency lending programs. Anger at the Fed has been brewing for more than a year, including over its role in bailing out financial firms and its regulatory failures that helped cause the crisis. Many lawmakers view the central bank as too close to Wall Street interests.” (emphasis mine)

The YouTube video shown below is MSNBC’s Dylan Radigan, talking about THE BIG TARP LIE: FED GAVE Banks Access to 23.7 TRILLION DOLLARS NOT $700 Billion! Thank You Dylan. (There is a rumor that this did not air. Does any know the story?) If it was aired, why are there not millions of us on the Capitol steps demanding answers?

Now we have some very interesting developments that the “Lame Stream Media” is not talking about at all (Thank you Jesus for the blogisphere).
Frank Gaffney, Founder and President of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C. submits the following articles in BigGovernment:Geithner and Bernanke: Laundering Money Through an Illegal Trust? and Shariah Finance, Criminal Wrongdoing in the AIG Takeover: Will the Special Inspector General for the TARP Funds Investigate the Illegal Trust? OMG!!!!!

There is much I have not mentioned such as Fannie, Freddie, and Countrywide. Trying to get a grasp of what is happening to us is like a sparrow trying to fly to the moon. There are two articles that make the most sense to me, but be ready because if blood has not shot out of your eyes yet, it will. First read It Is Now Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off The U.S. National Debt and then America’s Impending Master Class Dictatorship

This one is no surprise: reported today Rasmussen Poll via Politco Poll: 75% ‘angry’ at government. “They” think that We the People are brain-dead. Well, I can smell the rats and my nose needs a clothespin.

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One Response to I Don’t Just Smell A Rat… Reeks Of A Whole Nest! Follow The Droppings

  1. Texmom says:

    A $550 Billion Electronic Run on the Banks”

    You know, I have been wondering about this recently because no one ever came out with WHO did this? I have always suspected Soros, but the story was gone as fast as it came out.

    Not long after, you may recall, there were Japanese guys caught in Italy with (fake?) US bonds. Remember that? That story disappeared, too.

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