SunTrust Is About To Find Out They Did Not Corner A Cat, They Cornered A TIGER!

While on Twitter last week, my friend and Co host, Tallulah, saw a passionate plea for help. It was from a lady called Cat who has a blog describing her family’s real-life, waking nightmare: A Stay At Home Mom vs. TARP Recipient, SunTrust. Cat’s blog tells the story of how her family worked hard and sacrificed to achieve the American Dream, only to have it ripped from their hands by what Cat calls “fraud, lies, and , deception.” She says “the perpetrators of this insult include a scamming builder and criminally corrupt SunTrust. It is a most egregious story of loan mishandling, EQUITY STRIPPING, and predatory lending.

Now along with being a stay at home mom, Cat has become an internet activist and researcher in her quest to get justice for her family. She has learned to blog and tweet and is now reaching out to the “New Media” for help. After speaking with Cat, Tallulah and I believe her story needs to be told and the truth found as to who is responsible for this assault on her family’s future.

Questions worth asking to this end:

1) Is this an instance of collusion between a loan officer and a builder or does it go deeper into management? Is this a case of horrific fraud?

2) Cat has found two other families with the same problem concerning the same branch of SunTrust and the same builder. Are there more of the same out there?

3) Cat also knows of 4 other families with similar problems with SunTrust involving different branches and different builders. Is the a culture of corruption throughout SunTrust corporate? How many more victims are out there?

4) With all of the proof that Cat has, why would SunTrust not right this injustice? There has to be a bigger reason to risk a huge lawsuit with dire financial consequences and including possible criminal charges.

5) Cat’s property is in a neighborhood that abuts the Lower Wekiva River Preserve State Park. In light of the recent news of the administration’s attempt at a huge land grab in the Midwest (Cat’s land is in Florida), we cannot help but ask if this has anything to do with Cat’s family being squeezed off of this land? This question became more interesting when we found a history of problems including:

  • An increase in rate of flow and velocities from the area’s urbanization
  • Minimal upstream stormwater storage and treatment due to much development occurring before current stormwater regulations
  • Erosion and flooding, which cause public safety concerns
  • Adverse environmental and water quality impacts from the movement and deposit of sediment

The website also states:

The Wekiva River — downstream from the Little Wekiva River — is a focus of federal protection efforts. U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum introduced legislation in August 1999 seeking to include the 42-mile-long Wekiva River in the National Wild and Scenic River system.

The designation is in addition to the river’s state protection designations as

  • A Wild and Scenic River
  • An Outstanding Florida Water
  • An aquatic preserve

Cat and her family are now in a huge financial bind after 5 years of trying to get this sorted out with SunTrust. They have made their loan payment on time and had the added expense for renting a house for 4 years. Their dream house sits vacant, incomplete, and deteriorating while SunTrust waits for them to go broke so they can take possession of the property. Now they hear that the landlord of their current residence is in foreclosure and when they are forced out of this home, they will not have the credit to buy or rent another.

SunTrust has a large internet presence. They solicit loans online and even have a Twitter Team for customer service. Tallulah and I would like to recruit your help in this endeavor. Please help us raise awareness of what is happening to Cat and her family. Blog, tweet and ask her to be on your radio show if you have one. Cat’s blog has a comment section where people can speak with her directly if they know of other families who have had similar problems with SunTrust. If we work together, we can make a difference and help in this fight for Cat and her family’s future. This is still America and Justice will prevail. We think SunTrust is about to find out they did not corner a Cat, they cornered a TIGER! (And her fangs are showing)

Cat will be a guest on our show, Fan The Fire with CJ and Tallulah, this Saturday, March 13th, from 9:00 to 11:00pm EST. Find us on Patriot’s Heart Network at

Thank you,
CJ and Tallulah

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4 Responses to SunTrust Is About To Find Out They Did Not Corner A Cat, They Cornered A TIGER!

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  2. Drusilla says:

    While Cat is on your show, do make an appeal for an atty who will help. I’ve spent a good many years helping to defend white collar criminals and know, w/o a competent lawyer, they’re simply in over their heads.

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