We Once Again Seek Our Liberty From You and Not From a Government of Men


Father, In your Most Holy and Precious Name, we humbly ask that You step in and intervene at this most critical juncture in our nation’s history. Father, it was YOU who gave our Founding Fathers the wisdom and guidance to assert that our nation would be one nation under GOD, with liberty and justice for all. Our nation’s founding documents state that it is from YOU that we receive the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness NOT our federal government.

Father, please stop this health care legislation dead in its tracks. Please “frustrate the plotting of the shrewd who seek to alter our nation into a socialist democracy so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise or attain success.” (Job 5:12-13). Expose to the light of day the plans of the crafty. Allow confusion and chaos to reign in their meetings this weekend and into next week so that no path to reconciliation may be achieved. Please allow division and rivalry to thwart the plans of those who seek to override the will of the citizens of the United States so that this entire endeavor fails in utter futility. Please awaken our citizenry to what is at stake.

Father, we also humbly ask that you will bring good out of this terrible situation. Please graciously use this whole experience to draw people to Yourself. In Jesus’ name we pray for revival to spread across our land and to heal our nation so that we once again seek our liberty from You and not from a government of men.

Thank you for graciously hearing our prayers on behalf of our nation and our fellow citizens.

In Your Most Holy Name We Pray.

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One Response to We Once Again Seek Our Liberty From You and Not From a Government of Men


    What a fabulous prayer. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to read it.

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