Does Anyone Else See Sheer Irrationality

A Rant From Jacquerie Of Wake Up America Movement

Does anyone else see sheer irrationality in the huge commotion about Arizona’s new law.

First, illegal immigration is exactly that – illegal.

In addition, signs of protesters with wording like We are Human, too are a ridiculous diversion. No one (including the Arizona lawmakers) are defending “inhumanity.” Rather they appear to be the first brave enough to merely enforce existing law.

The media appears to be feeding this fire. FOX, for instance, has shown, ad nauseum, the same repeated clip of a street protest. This would appear to indicate it was the only footage of such an incident they even had for days.

Then there’s the endless “expert” panel discussions: is this law fair, they ask? That’s like asking if it is fair for the U.S. to have citizenship and borders at all!

At least one radio host who is conducting an interview on this topic has already been receiving hate mail.

Seems to me, these protesters are revealing their real course of rage: that the United States should deem fit to maintain any laws at all (except, of course, the ones that give them deals on foreclosures,
medical care, scholarships and other forms of government aid.

This is all insane and no one publicly – including the media – seems willing to just say so! The lack of logic or substance supporting those who object to Arizona’s logical action would seem to favor just giving amnesty to all – but then what? Open borders? Since no one is doing much about the illegal 500,000 pouring into AZ annually.

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2 Responses to Does Anyone Else See Sheer Irrationality

  1. Siren says:

    Illegal immigrants? Columbus was the terrorist. Everyone — save the Native Americans — are illegal immigrants. Lets all just banish ourselves from this country why don’t we?

    We’re forgetting the reason America was created: to provide a FREE and WELCOMING country for everyone seeking relief from the pressures of their own.

    I doubt we could be anymore selfish then we are now — shutting out those crying for the help every human deserves.

    Illegal? Yeah right.

  2. Gary says:

    We are a nation of laws ! since when do criminals choose what laws are to be followed? immigrants that come here legally are welcome,they choose to obey our laws.Criminal aliens need to GET OUT !! Siren, you wrote ” I doubt we could be anymore selfish then we are now — shutting out those crying for the help every human deserves.” how many murderers and terrorists cross our borders? how many Sovereign Americans are raped and murdered while their govt. turns a blind eye? how many police are murdered each year by criminal aliens ? is that alright with you Siren ? If you have a guilty conscience ,do something to help them ,charity is given freely or it ceases to be such !

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