One Mystery Solved: The Georgia Guidestones and Maurice Strong

Well my good friend Tallulah was reading up on Maurice Strong and saw some similarities with The Georgia Guidestones. I called Van Smith who has done much research on the subject. Decoding The Georgia Guidestones. He was not feeling well but his wife Kathy called me back. One of the questions she expressed are, “if you look at a picture of Maurice Strong, is there a resemblance to this statue? Or? Got any idea who it might be? Also, have tried to figure out if there is any meaning to the stars and markings on the tie?”

Is this the face of R.C. Christian?
Alongside the Elberton Civic Center and just a few feet away from a large Masonic plaque inset into its corner is a strange granite bust. Originally completed in 1941, the bust bore the semblance of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, commonly called by his initials FDR. However, years later in the dark of the night the good people of Elberton destroyed the statue. When it was restored in 1995, the figure looked nothing like FDR. Moreover, the new bust wears a tie embellished with peculiar symbols.

Could this figure be the mysterious Robert C. Christian, the man who designed and funded the sinister Georgia Guidestones monument only about 7.5 miles north of the statue and completed on March 22, 1980?

March 22 NOW being a very significant date in American History
Obama “Deathcare” Unveiled on GA Guidestones Anniversary

You tell us. I think we nailed it. You are great Tallu! We are still working on what the embellishments on the tie mean. Any Ideas?

Is it FDR ???


Maurice Strong

Is his lip dirty?

Oh My! It is not dirt!

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4 Responses to One Mystery Solved: The Georgia Guidestones and Maurice Strong

  1. Somehow I don’t think KILLING THE PEOPLE is the way to save this planet. I think KILLING THE CORPORATIONS that profit off disease, misery and destruction will serve, better.

  2. Sandra C says:

    Looks like Walter Cronkite when he announced the death of JFK. He also is supposedly the “voice of the owl” at the Grove per the Brad Meltzer’s Decoded tv series

  3. Cort Lindahl says:

    Please watch this video I made about the Georgia Guidestones. It explains why they were placed in the spot they are located. Thank you. See Link.

  4. Nick Nayme says:

    The insignia on the tie could be the 3 stars for the Phi Beta Kappa logo. Which FDR was a part of I believe.

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