Fan The Fire With CJ and Tallulah ~ Special Guest James Simpson

Fan The Fire with CJ and Tallulah

Special Guest James Simpson

Saturday, May 29th, 2010
9:00pm  to 11:00pm  ET

Call In Number: 347-215-6929

This week we are very pleased to welcome James Simpson. James writes as the DC Independent Examiner. Tonight we’ll be discussing his most recent article, Rand Paul’s unintentional warning to conservatives and tea partiers. As the mid-term elections approach, you won’t want to miss his insight of the lessons learned. As circumstances permit, we may also welcome another surprise guest or two. If you have questions or comments for James, call in! We want to hear from you!

Bio: James M. Simpson

James Simpson is an economist and businessman who from 1987 to 1993 worked at the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) analyzing and reporting on various economic and budgetary issues for top policymakers. Mr. Simpson left government service in 1993 to develop a business idea. His business story has been featured in numerous prominent TV and print news media.

Since 1995, he has also written non-fiction articles for various periodicals based both on his experiences in government and business, and a longstanding avocation in military/intelligence history and policy. In particular he has studied communist systems and communist subversion tactics and strategies for over two decades.

Mr. Simpson is best known for his exposé on the Cloward Piven Strategy of Manufactured Crisis. It is a premeditated strategy of cultural and economic sabotage that seeks to hasten the collapse of the United States by overwhelming government at all levels with impossible demands for ever more services and benefits. It is the unstated but primary strategy employed by many leftist organizations, most notably, ACORN. It was behind the subprime mortgage crisis that caused our current financial crisis and recession. It has been actively incorporated in the political strategies utilized by many leftist organizations, President Obama, and certain key Congressmen.

Mr. Simpson’s work on the Manufactured Crisis strategy provided background for Glenn Beck’s groundbreaking TV program on the subject, and has been discussed widely on talk radio, where Mr. Simpson is a frequent guest. Mr. Simpson has been published in the Washington Times, WorldNet Daily, American Thinker, Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government, Front Page Magazine, David Hackworth’s DefenseWatch, Soldier of Fortune, New Media Journal and many others.

He left the business world in 2005 to develop his writing career full time. Jim is a regular contributor for (as DC Independent Examiner). His blog is Truth and Consequences, the name of a monthly column he produces for Military magazine. Mr. Simpson also occasionally guest hosts’s radio program, Politically Correct.

Given his breadth of knowledge on a variety of economic and public policy issues, in particular the breadth and scope of the crisis we face as a nation today, Mr. Simpson is a sought-after speaker and lecturer.

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