Fan The Fire With CJ and Tallulah ~ Guest Christine Brim and Brad Marston


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9:00 to 11:00 pm ET

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Tonight we are honored to be speaking with Christine Brim, Chief Operating Officer, Center for Security Policy

Christine Brim

Ms. Brim has over twenty years of experience in risk assessment, business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning. She has published in the areas of communications and logistics. She received her MBA from George Mason University with a focus on decision support systems.

Ms. Brim has written several very revealing articles on the nomination and appointment of Helena Kagan to the Supreme Court and the Ground Zero Mosque at We are most intrigued by her most recent post, Ground Zero Mosque’s Hidden Websites: Follow the Shariah. Ms. Brim makes some very astute observations and reveals some very damaging research to the Mosque’s advancement to becoming reality.

There has been more breaking news about the Mosque since Ms. Brim’s article. We will speak to her about all of this and more.

You will also want to check out CAIR Observatory, a project of the Center for Security Policy.

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During the second segment of our show we will be speaking with Brad Marston, a lifelong Republican is running for State Representative in the Eighth Suffolk District (Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Cambridge and the West End).

It is time to “Build a Better Beacon Hill” and we can’t do that with a 90% majority of either party in the State Legislature.

Balanced government is better government. It’s time for balance on Beacon Hill. The era of closed door meetings and back room deals needs to end. Good government demands that we do the people’s business openly and transparently.

In the 1990’s we faced huge budget deficits and even higher unemployment than we have today. The answer then was the same as it is now; Hold the line on taxes. Put spending on a sustainable course and let businesses create jobs.

With nearly thirty years of private sector experience, I know how to create opportunity and overcome challenges by finding common ground and developing common sense solutions.

It is time for new ideas, new voices; in short, it is time for a new road map for Massachusetts.

Brad sure has embraced social media! Connect with him!

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3 Responses to Fan The Fire With CJ and Tallulah ~ Guest Christine Brim and Brad Marston

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  2. F. Ryan says:

    I firmly believe that we face tough economic times, where providing high performing, value for money services that meet the public needs should continue to be our priority.

  3. McKay says:

    This is a nice blog message, I will keep this idea in my mind. If you add more video and pictures because it helps understanding 🙂

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