Fan The Fire with CJ and Tallulah ~ Honor, Seeking Truth, Attacks From The Left

Show Times
9:00 pm to 11:00 pm ET
11:00 pm to 1:00 am ET

Call-in (347) 215-6929

Foremost tonight, throughout the night, we will honor the fallen of 9/11, those they left behind, and those who serve our country so faithfully in so many different ways. WE WILL NEVER FORGET! We honor all of them tonight, the fallen, the families, those who served and are serving. We will pray some very special prayers prepared for us by very awesome patriot prayer warriors. Do not be late! We want to pray with you.

We will be speaking with tweeple (people on twitter). These tweeple happen to be conservative activist. Conservatives have been under attack. The “left” is trying to “chill” our speech. They have even called peoples’ jobs to get them fired. Greg W. Howard (@gregwhoward) has written an article about some of these attacks: Enemies Lists Being Created on Twitter. Anthony G. Martin also wrote about the “lefts” antics in his article: Behind the masks–how the radical Left intends to save elections for Obama.

Honorable mention of a few on the front lines on Twitter: @gregwhoward, @SwiftRead, @LadyLibertas93, @ME_Leclerc1776, @pinnie99, @welshman007, @obamapocalypse, @zapem, @conservativeind, @gplupton, @wildman021, @jenin140, @politicalhumor4, @thorninaz, @c0nservative1, @indyenigma, @realchange2012, @conservativeind, @pattonsghost, @rbsthoughts, @1HotItalian, @joannemoretti, @ArlenWilliams, @gulagbound. We will be speaking with some of these freedom fighters.

Last but not least, we will be seeking the truth. What is happening  in America with Islam, Obama, national security, and the Ground Zero Mosque? We have found some recordings from before the 2008 election that say some very telling things. Tallulah and I had not heard these before and we do get around. We will play some of these recordings and discuss them. Tune in and buckle your seat-belt!

Join Us! Call In! We want hear from you!

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3 Responses to Fan The Fire with CJ and Tallulah ~ Honor, Seeking Truth, Attacks From The Left

  1. Gregory P Lupton says:

    It’s a very humbling honor to be considered for your show. I’m just your average family loving, Bible & gun clinging, anti-progressive/conservativism rules, Founding Fathers got it right, America defending, freedom fighting, limited govt best, no RINOs, Islam is’nt peaceful believing, Obama is an embarassment, NEVER FORGET & NEVER BACK DOWN FROM WHAT U KNOW IS RIGHT kinda guy!!! Oh, and Twitter ADDICT!

  2. Kazport says:

    What i want to know is how you get any kind of truth from the MSM> My biggest beef
    Is the mis- information that they are allowed to report. Tomorrow the NYT will come out with a slanderous article on John Boehner, he has already commented on Twitter. But the damage is done. Is out there and now there is nothing anyone can do. Its so frustrating.

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